Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

We recently took a fabulous trip to NYC…with a toddler. To my surprise, she handled all the traveling like a champ and seemed to have a wonderful time, as well.

Being raised in the city, J-bird is in love with tall buildings, people watching, and riding the “big train.”

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

Our trip was somewhat Hamilton themed. We visited his home “The Grange”, the dueling grounds where he was shot, the Morris Jumel mansion where President Washington had meetings, Fraunces Tavern, where Washington gave his farewell address, Trinity Church where Hamilton is buried, and of course, we saw the Hamilton musical on Broadway.

It was magical.

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

There were definitely some key things we did or brought that helped make this trip a success.

For the car, an almost 8 hour drive, we had some fun activities and a very enjoyable ride. Here’s a list of a few tips that helped make it work for us:

  • Bring a few “new” items in a special bag. Our new items were:
    • Play dough
    • Magna Doodle
    • A new coloring book
  • Bring lots of snacks.
  • Bring a few dolls or staple toys you know your child loves
    • J-bird spent a decent amount of time in her own imaginary world with her stuffed animals and her purse…she LOVES having a purse

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

Navigating the city required a few more staples…

  • Purell gel and hand wipes
  • Snack containers with plastic rings that you can attach to the stroller
  • A very very very lightweight and easy to open/close umbrella stroller with a cover
  • Snacks on hand at all times
  • Water bottles with good lids to keep the tops clean and leak free

I cannot even explain how much I loved traveling to NYC. The city is electric. I love seeing so many people pursuing their dreams. 

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler

Oh…and the food is amazing. We eat vegan and had absolutely no problem finding food. Our favorite spots included Superiority Burger and By CHLOE’S.

CLEcitymom Traveling to NYC with a Toddler




the one year birthday party

My child is one! I had so much fun throwing her a birthday party (with lots of help from my parents) and wanted to share some of the memories with you.

Her day of course started with birthday waffles. How could it not?

After breakfast we got ready and headed out to my parent’s house for the festivities. Birthday Girl had 3 outfits to wear that day…her “I’m cute so let’s take a picture” outfit, her “smash cake tutu” outfit, and the “okay people, leave me alone now” outfit.

I’m sure I had more fun with the outfit changes than she did.


Our festivities included lunch, with lots of her favorite vegan foods, a little photo booth session, the smash cake, and presents.

What was on the menu at a 1 year old’s vegan birthday party?

Appetizer: Squash and Carrot Soup
Salad: Big green salad with lots of fresh veggies
Main: Lentil Bolognese over pasta
Dessert: Fruit
Drinks: Sparkling Wine
Dessert: Vegan Cupcakes


Birthday Girl was hilarious with the photos. She’s such a squirmy active girl, so it took a lot of effort to get her to smile at the camera.

And then came the smash cake. Holy. Cow. This cake was delicious. (and yes, I totally ate some of her cake) #MinimalistBaker, you know what you’re doing. It was really fun making the cake. I couldn’t really justify spending money on a cake that would most likely end up on the ground, so I made it myself. It turned out delicious!



Our last activity, opening presents, was a lot of fun. Birthday Girl did it all by herself! She knew exactly what to do with the bags and tissue paper. She was really cracking us up though with the cards. She was super into a pink cat card from my grandma, and the other cards that were big. The cards that were smaller she would just toss to the side. Picky little girl! As the presents kept going she would periodically return to playing with the cat card. Sorry Birthday Girl, you are not about to get a cat.



I think the other highlight of the party was BG showing off her newly acquired skill of responding “baaa” to the question, “What does the sheep say?” How could you not love that?

This girl has stolen our hearts. She’s loves to laugh and be with people. She just started walking this week, so the adventure is definitely going to continue to get interesting! Up next…climbing!