sleeper sacks we love

I have no idea how to swaddle a baby. I’ve watched the YouTube videos and seen other people do it, but for some reason, the blanket and I don’t work well together.

It’s fine, though. Honestly, I see no reason why this skill is needed when there are amazing sleeper sacks that will swaddle your child in about 2 seconds with a little Velcro.

I’ve fallen in love with our sleeper sacks over the past 11+ months and wanted to share the ones we’ve used and enjoyed. We’ve transitioned from the types that swaddle to a simple wearable blanket that’s easy to use, and keeps my little sugar plum nice and cozy.

I should probably mention that we use sleeper sacks for two reasons:

  1. Swaddling was a lifesaver the first few months. Like I mentioned before, I can’t swaddle to save my life. But, swaddling is like magic. To be more precise, the 5S‘ are magic. So when I saw blankets that swaddle my child with a zip and a piece of Velcro, I was sold.
  2. I’m not into putting blankets in the crib. Maybe it’s “first child” syndrome. Maybe I’m just super cautious. If there’s a safer option for my baby than a blanket, let’s do it.


The Newborn Days of Swaddling

Sooo. Our favorite sleeper sack that swaddles is the HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle. This was so incredibly easy to use, and held Baby Girl snug and safe. I also like how it comes in different fabrics, depending on the season.

One night as we were checking on Baby Girl we saw her arms escape the swaddle sack and then sneak back under the fabric…sneaky little girl! We decided that she might be ready to have her arms free at that point, so we started wrapping her body in the swaddle wings and leaving her arms out. This was after she was about 3-4 months old.


Freeedoooom, Freeeedom! Let my arms out!

When she outgrew the Halo SleepSack we transitioned to Carter’s Sleepbag 0-9 Months
with fleece arms. This was perfect for the summer, as it’s not too thick but keeps the chill of the air conditioning away.



Stop Growing Up! 

And then it happened. She outgrew the 9 month sleeper sack. How was this possible? It was so huge when I got it at my baby shower. This can’t be right.

But it was…

I’m a few weeks shy of having a toddler. Over the last few months we transitioned into the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest .This is an amazing sleep sack. When it came I was a little skeptical. The arm holes seemed big, so we waited another month before trying it out. Once we did, we were hooked. BG stayed nice and warm and had plenty of room inside the sack to move her legs. She sleeps so well in this!

We love our sleeper sacks!

What about you? Do you have a favorite sleeper sack?

Hope you are staying warm! Happy Friday!




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