when we’re done hibernating


I have officially entered “hibernation mode.” I think I was made to live in the Bahamas but somehow ended up in Cleveland. This cold weather is leading to a lot of hand lotion, hot chocolate, and layers.

We did end up venturing out into the cold this weekend to the W. 78th St. studios and enjoyed spending time with friends and seeing some really awesome art. As we were driving back through Gordon Square Arts District, we noticed a bunch of new businesses that have popped up around W. 65th since we lived there a few years ago.

It’s been so fun living in the city of Cleveland and watching new life, new business, and new enthusiasm for growth and development in the area.

As a mom, I’m excited to share the city with Baby Girl. Driving through the neighborhoods of Cleveland we started talking about how much fun it will be to take Baby Girl to places like Sweet Moses for some vegan ice cream or Happy Dog to build her own vegan sausage concoction.

The Cleveland neighborhoods are so vibrant and inviting. While I do love the beautiful snow and excuse to drink hot chocolate whenever I want, I am excited for warmer days and the adventures that will follow throughout this year. My almost one-year-old has a lot of Cleveland to explore!

What are your favorite places to visit in the Cleveland neighborhoods?

Wishing you warmth and sunshine.




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