Playtime essentials 0-6 months

In my mind, the first year of a baby’s life can be split into two sections: the stationary days and the “it’s time to childproof everything” days. David and I have entered into the latter section.

Baby Girl seems less and less like a baby, and more and more like a little kid cruising around the floor looking for any and everything to put in her mouth.

Coming out of the stationary months where Baby Girl could either just lay there or roll over without getting too far, I came up with some of the most helpful toys and products that encouraged different types of play.essentials books

Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym
: encouraged grabbing and reaching. It has lots of fun colors and textures, as well as a mirror to help make tummy time a more enjoyable experience for everyone. This was perfect for the first 4 months or so.

: encouraged standing, playing independently, movement around the saucer, and motor skill development. Bonus: it is a safe place to set baby while you run to the bathroom. This was perfect starting at about 5 months.

Bumper Jumper
: a great place for baby to use those leg muscles and play independently. We put ours in the bathroom door frame so that we could get ready while she played or the kitchen door frame so we could cook without worrying about her getting into something. This was perfect starting at around 5 months.

A nice quilt
: we put Baby Girl’s quilt on the floor with toys and books. This encouraged tummy time, reaching for toys, and provided a clean place on the floor for her to roll. We’ve used our quilt from day 1 and love it! She can easily pick up or get rolled in other blankets. The quilt stays on the ground very nicely.essentials quilt

Lots of books
: reading to your baby from day 1 is recommended and fun. Pick books that offer sensory experiences, bright colors, and black and white pictures for the first few months.  

: Providing a variety of  types of toys will help baby develop. Toys that have different feels/textures, make sounds, have different colors, etc will give baby a diverse learning experience. We love these toys:

essentials toys

It’s so fun seeing Baby Girl grow and start moving and discovering more of the world. I’m excited to see what toys and products will be helpful for this next phase. I know one thing; a second cup of coffee will be on my list of helpful things as I chase Baby Girl around our apartment!

What did you find useful for the first 6 months?

Have a fantastic day!



*This post contains affiliate links which are only included if I truly love the product.


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