Babies on trains

Babies on Trains

I strap BG in her stroller, throw the diaper bag under her, and take a quick 5 minute walk to the train stop. If we are really late, we jump right on the train as it pulls up. If we planned our time well, we wait on the platform listening to music over the loudspeaker and get a little giggling in before we board.

Once on the train, we go to the designated area for strollers and put the brakes on. I pull her out of her seat and she sits or stands on my lap looking around at the people around her. As the train pulls away she looks out the window at the beautiful bridges in the city, trees and shrubs along the tracks, and even gets views of our iconic crooked river. She giggles as I describe to her what we see and loves that she is free to bounce on my lap. A few people try to wave at her or say hello. I politely respond and get back to baby. As we approach our stop, I strap her back in her stroller and we wheel away for another quick walk to our destination.

The more I’ve used the train to get from one CLE neighborhood to the next, the more I love it!  If you’ve never tried the train, let’s go! Visit RTAs website to learn more about how to ride or join me on a trip to one of Cleveland’s great neighborhoods to get some vegan ice cream! 

Hope you are having a great week!



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