Morning Routines


Are you more of a morning person or a night owl?

Mornings for me can be some of the best, most relaxing, rejuvenating, and productive times of my day. Now more than ever I am realizing the value of these times, as every other moment of my day is full.

During the week I wake up at 5:00am and the routine of my day begins. I get myself ready, make coffee, get the bottles and diaper bag all set for the day, and pack lunches. By 5:30am I pick Baby Girl out of her bassinet, change her diaper, and sit down to feed her. By 6:00am she is back asleep and I’m getting last minute things ready for me to run out the door to work.

It’s a busy hour, but it’s such a rhythmic process for me that I rarely leave the house feeling rushed or stressed. I particularly love my time with my girl each morning. As I get her diaper changed she wakes up just a little bit and smiles. Not long after she starts eating she’s falling back into dreamland and I get to snuggle with her as she finishes her breakfast.

It’s these quiet moments of holding her that I love. It’s my time to pray over her, reflect, and soak up the days while she is still small enough to lay in my arms.

Those rare mornings where my sleepy self pushes snooze and I wake up closer to 5:30am leave me in a tizzy. I feel frantic, rushed, and behind. My whole day is usually a little off.

So if I could reflect on what works:

Pick a time to wake up each morning and stick to it.

We are habitual people, aren’t we? Starting the day off with a predictable, planned time will leave you much more calm and ready to face the day.

Craft your routine.

What do you want your morning to look like? Breakfast? Coffee? Reading and thinking time? Try to create a routine and test it out for a week. What worked? What do you wish you would have just gotten done the night before?

Leave the social media alone.

Make the morning a refreshing time for you. So often social media gets our minds pulled in a million directions. There are plenty of moments in the hours to come to “veg out” on Facebook or Twitter. How about instead spending 5 minutes writing or journaling about what you are grateful for?

Sleep can be so hard with babies and older kids. They can be unpredictable at times and through the routine off. Even though I’m a total novice at parenting I can already see how routine works. Other than those rare days during “Wonder Weeks” or a stuffy nose, Baby Girl has fallen nicely into our routine and our mornings really do work out well.

What kind of morning routine do you enjoy?

I hope you have a refreshing and peaceful day!




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