dining out in the city with kids

Dining out in Cleveland with kids

Do you love eating out as much as I do? I mean, the penny pincher side of me doesn’t really like going out, but the working mom in me is like, “BRING IT ON!”

It doesn’t even have to be fancy. You could win me over with a burrito bowl.

Cleveland is such a foodie city. We’ve got so many great options for all different taste buds. It is so fun having out-of-town friends come visit and introduce them to places the The Melt, Happy Dog, or our Iron Chef’s restaurants, Lola or Lolita.

But since having a kid, my perspective on eating out has changed slightly. Instead of just looking for fun menus and intriguing atmospheres, I’m looking for things like changing tables, the right noise level, and quick dining experiences in the event of a fussy baby.

Here are some of my favorite kid-friendly dining options…

Breakfast: Bon Bon Café in Ohio City.
Delicious food. A great place for vegan and non-vegans. And… A changing table! The noise level in the café is also perfect. It’s loud enough that your kid can make noise, but not too loud that you can’t hear each other. Try the tofu hash next time you visit. It’s fabulous.

Lunch: 5th Street Arcades in Downtown Cleveland. 
There are a few options in the arcades for lunch. We love going to the Indian restaurant, Indies. Jack Flaps also just opened in the arcades. You can also grab a smoothie or vegan lunch at Pure and Supreme Cuisine. There is open space in the arcades for kids to run around, the noise level is perfect, and public bathrooms are right by the restaurants. It’s just like going to the mall’s food court- simple, casual, and kid-friendly.

Dessert: Mitchell’s Ice Cream on W 25th in Ohio City. This place is perfect. Changing table, check! Ice cream making that you can watch, check check!  Vegan chocolate ice cream, check check check!!

Good old baths and bedtime have kept us from eating out too much at night, so I am still on the hunt for some good dinner options. Right now we stick more to takeout in the evenings – thank you Barrio for the endless supply of tofu tacos and giant bags of tortilla chips and Tea House Noodles for satisfying my husband’s craving of Rica Rica sauce. You know how to make us happy.

I’ll keep you posted as I find more great kid-friendly spots in Cleveland!

So here’s the real question…Where do you like to eat out?




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