Clean air for your family

When you’re a mom you discover that pony tails are awesome, Rachel Ray is totally onto something with her 30 minute meals, and getting dressed without getting spit up all over you is truly an art form.

When you are a mom, you get songs that talk about getting sat on by an elephant or jumping monkeys stuck in your head all the time. You memorize books about baby animals. You spend your free time researching things that you didn’t know existed months ago, like Baby Led Weaning.

Being a mom is a new adventure and is crazy fun. But being a mom also means thinking about the health and wellness of your baby. Living in the city, I think about the air quality that is in our apartment. Are the city smells, gases, pollutants seeping in? Probably.

I have to admit, when my husband proposed buying an air purifier, I was pretty skeptical. After learning more about the air purifier he had researched, I agreed to purchase the Austin Air HealthMate – Black. Since our purchase 5 months ago, I’m glad he was persistent.

Apparently this air purifier is the same one that was used after 9/11 in NYC. This thing sucks the dirt, mold, pollen, gases, odors, and chemicals out of the air. It claims that it reduces allergies, asthma attacks, snoring, and strengthens your immune system. That’s pretty cool!

Here’s a great site comparing air purifiers with more info about the Austin Air HealthMate.

When we walk around our downtown neighborhood my awareness of harmful fumes from buses, smokers, and cars is definitely heightened. When we get back into our apartment I want to have clean air for my baby, my husband, and me.

I understand that not everyone is going to run out and buy a purifier. So what else can we do? How about some awesome air-cleaning house plants!

There are a lot of “best air-filtering plants,” but I love the spider plants, peace lily, Gerber daisy, and bamboo palm.

About 4 years ago, we went on a plant buying spree to help the air quality in our apartment. Our living room looked like a jungle. Since then, we’ve spread the plants out a little more evenly around the apartment and I may or may not have thinned out our collection through a lack of watering/natural selection. Sorry plants, if you can’t handle a little dry spell here and there, you probably won’t last long in my apartment…

Have a fantastic day and soak up all the summer goodness you can! It’s August already! Ahh!



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