10 Back to Work Essentials for Moms

Monday through Friday can seem like a whirlwind sometimes. There are days that feel like “feed baby, work, feed baby, make dinner, feed baby…” It can be hard to get the basics done let alone get everything done for the next day.

Now that I’m back in the swing of things with work, I’ve discovered 10  essentials for making life a whole lot easier.

back to work 1

1. A great drying rack. You will literally be cleaning bottles every day. Keeping your bottles organized makes the kitchen feel a whole lot better.

2. A bottle sterilizer. People, I’ve reached my limit. I have been hit with boiling water enough times. I’m ready to lose the pot of boiling water and just buy a sterilizer…

3. Spare pump parts and plenty of bottles. Whether you nurse or use formula there is nothing worse than needing a bottle and seeing them all sit in your sink waiting to be washed. We have 4 Advent bottles and that seems to be the perfect number. I also recommend a spare set of pumping parts and tubing. I like to have mine all clean and ready to go for work the night before. Since I pump in the morning, I don’t want to have to clean the stuff before I go.

4. Makeup in your desk drawer. There will inevitably be days when you don’t have time or get to work and realize you only put mascara on one eye. Let’s at least look like we’re getting enough sleep.

back to work 2

5. A lint roller. Lint can make the best outfit look terrible.

6. Heels in your desk drawer. Some days you roll out of bed feeling like you need a few more hours of sleep. So of course you dress like that. You throw on your comfiest work clothes and flats. But then you get to work and realize you have a meeting with your boss! Heels to the rescue! (Side note: these heels are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn, and they are super inexpensive. Win!)

7. A classic blazer. Same deal. Instant professionalism.

8. A custom babysitter schedule. It’s so helpful knowing what baby’s day looked like. Find your method and rock it out. Maybe you want a paper schedule- here’s one I use. Maybe you want to be texted or emailed an overview of baby’s day. Or maybe you just buy your sitter the Baby Connect app and call it a day.

9. Trail mix. Stock your desk with snacks. Being a mom can mean running out the door after getting everyone else ready and totally forgetting to grab breakfast. Skip the greasy cafeteria bacon and eggs. Eat some healthy protein in trail mix.

10. Good coffee. We need this. We deserve this. Each night I hand grind one serving of beans and throw them in a baggie. Every day at work I take my single serve pour over and use the coffee maker’s hot water spout to brew my little pick-me-up. Whatever your coffee method, I think the effort is totally worth  it.

What about you? What are your work essentials?




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