From pregnancy cravings to a nursing diet

prego cravings

Do you love coffee as much as I love coffee? The moment last summer when coffee started grossing me out was my first tip-off that someone was growing in my belly. After a positive pregnancy test a few days later, my suspicions were confirmed.

Not long after I found out I was pregnant I started having crazy food cravings. I had been a vegan and loved all sorts of vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. All of a sudden the thought of zucchini made me queasy. My all time favorite food- peanut butter- was not appealing at all! The smell of vegan sausages made me run into the bedroom, shut the door, light a candle, and hide under my bed sheets until the smell dissipated. (Seriously, I did that.)

But ohhhh shredded beef, barbecue chicken, cheddar cheese, and BACON….get in my belly! I did a complete 180 on my food choices while I was pregnant. Being a vegan, my husband was pretty grossed out. The smell of all that meat made him queasy.

Since our Baby Girl was born I’ve gone back to being mostly vegan. I’m at about 90% and happy that I can eat healthy again without the nausea.

I heard a lot about babies having food sensitivities when nursing mom’s eat things like eggs or dairy. After noticing a few times that BG had slight rashes while I was still eating some dairy, I decided to get more serious about cutting out animal products. Since I’ve done that I haven’t noticed any rashes!

By reengaging with my vegan diet, I’ve plunged back into looking at a million Pinterest recipes. I wanted to share a few that have helped the transition from eating eggs and dairy almost every day to not eating them a whole lot easier.

Instead of eggs: Try this amazing Southwest Tofu Scramble from the Minimalist Baker Blog. I have literally never seen my husband eat so much tofu in his life. I slightly altered the recipe by using silken tofu and stirring in a big spoonful of salsa at the end of cooking. The silken tofu gave it a much more “eggy” texture.

Instead of mayo or other spreads on your sandwiches: Try this mouthwatering Garlic Avocado Aioli from Connoissseurus Veg blog.  I’ve made the sandwiches in the recipe and used the aoili in a quick veggie wrap, too!

Instead of chicken, how about chickpeas!: We go crazy for the Creamy Cashew Veggie Pot Pie with chickpeas from Healthy Happy Life blog. We also tried out Vegan Taco Salad with roasted chickpeas from Vegan Does It…holy cow! Yum!

If you want to browse more great vegan recipes, check out my Pinterest site.

I would also like to randomly add GO CAVS! (tonight is the first game of the NBA finals if you haven’t heard).

Have a fantastic rest of your week!




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