City Living: Weekend fun on the river

The night we brought Baby Girl home from the hospital it was insanely cold…probably less than 10 degrees. The first few weeks of having her home the weather stayed below freezing. We were homebodies for weeks just trying to avoid the frosty wind.

Three months later it’s 80 degrees and we’re out enjoying our neighborhood. It’s amazing how much has changed in the last 3 months. We went from having this little jaundice baby to having a strong, smiley, little daddy’s girl.


Our world is totally different and I’m loving it. This weekend we had some family fun taking a stroll to the riverfront at Settler’s Landing. Dashboard Confessional (one of our favorite bands from our younger years) was playing across the river in the outdoor pavilion. We brought our camping chairs and enjoyed a night listening to sappy love songs, staring at beautiful bridges, and watching the sun set over the water. It was so refreshing.


Have you been to Settler’s Landing? It’s a short walk from Tower City and a fun little area for a picnic or stroll. There is so much history in that area. If you’ve never been on the Take a Hike Tour offered there, I’d highly recommend it! You’ll get to walk around the area and learn about Cleveland’s first settlers and their efforts with creating the canals and railroads.

I hope you were able to enjoy this weekend and do something fun!




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