Back to Work for Mom

This little girl couldn’t have planned it any better. 12 weeks of maternity leave ended with a 2 day work week and Memorial Day weekend. She came at just the right time!

Going back to work was interesting. On one hand, I missed my coworkers, the environment I work in, and the work that I do. On the other hand, it was really hard leaving my baby for that long. A few things made the transition a little better.

Family date at Town Hall

First, my husband worked from home for the first two days of me going back to work. It was so nice knowing that BG was with someone she knows so well and who knows her so well. Part of what’s hard about having other people watch your baby is that they don’t necessarily know “what is normal” for your little one. Having my husband there took a lot of stress off of me. I was also able to be easily accessible and check in throughout the day.

Next, my team at work was incredibly thoughtful and kind. I changed my hours to start at 7am so that I can get home earlier for BG’s prime awake time. My boss, who typically arrives closer to 9am was already at work with flowers, baked goods, and a balloon to welcome me back. Everyone brought something in and came by my desk to welcome me. It was very nice to know that I was missed and valued. kindness

I’m sure this transition will have its ups and downs. So many moms do it and get good routines and rhythms of life going. It just makes me think about how important it is to be fully present and engaged with the time I do have with my family. So today I will choose to be thankful for a day off of work with my family.


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