The best time of my life

activity mat

Today marks the start of my last week of maternity leave. It’s so amazing how someone so small can bring so much joy into your life. The last 11 weeks have been the best time of my life.

The first month was crazy, sleepless, a whirlwind. We had no clue how to be parents and Googled everything. We were amazed at how our little girl was growing and all the changes that were taking place in our lives. I remember the first time we put her in the Ergo and went for a walk. She was three weeks old. We stopped so many times to stare and her and make sure she was breathing. We were nervous wrecks!

Sleeping Baby 1-3 months

I can look back on the sleepless nights and laugh at all the methods of staying awake I used while feeding her. My go-to became chewing gum, but the first few weeks I relied on Skittles…lots of Skittles. My husband bought this huge bag and I would munch on it through the night for little sugar rushes. Don’t tell my dentist.

The last two months have felt so great. She sleeps anywhere from 5-8 hours straight, nurses, and goes straight back to bed. She’s also cracking us up with her cooing and little noises, not to mention how she steals our hearts away every time she smiles.

It is so cool watching her go from staring at things, to swatting at them, to now grabbing and holding everything. She’s discovered how to hold her pacifier, suck her thumb, and roll around all over the place. 2 months

All that to say, I’m so thankful for my little girl and for my husband. Having a baby took my love for my husband to a new level. I love the way he cares for us. I love seeing him as a dad. I’m also so thankful for friends and family who have brought us meals, sent encouraging notes, blessed us with lots of baby stuff, supported the “diaper fund,” and provided wisdom and advice.

Time to cherish my last week at home with my little one. Sorry Instagram, you might see a lot of us.




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