City Living: Parking 101 in Cleveland’s Gateway District

parking in Cleveland, Ohio

One thing that helps make a city a great city is having stuff to do, sites to see, delicious food to eat…all within close proximity to each other. So much awesomeness in one place doesn’t leave a lot of room for vast parking lots, right?

I hear and totally understand the question about where to park when visiting downtown Cleveland by car. Our first response is always, “you could take the train and not worry about it,” but I understand that not everyone is going to do that. But don’t be discouraged- there are some great parking options for you! (My public transit guru husband can discuss how to use our public transit system at some point.)

In the Gateway District you’ve got a lot of parking choices. Here’s the deal:

  1. Metered parking. My friend Olivia is a street parking master. We’d attend things like Taste of Tremont and end up parking a mile away. Olivia is literally parked 10 feet away from the main area. She’s got skills. Hopefully you have those skills, too. Metered street parking is a definite possibility. It does get closed at times around Quicken Loans Arena or Progressive Field. So here are a few general rules of thumb…
    • If you are parking during the day or not during a big event, you can probably find street parking. Try to look on Prospect or Huron first. Feed the meters until 6pm on weekdays. You don’t have to put any money in after 6pm or on weekends. YAY!
    • If there is a game or something, and you are not into paying for parking, try to find a spot on East 13th and Payne, East 9th and Walnut, or wherever you don’t see a bag over the meter.
  2. $8 Valet Parking on East 4th. Yes, $8 with any purchase from an East 4th shop. You can have garage parking in the heart of the city for $8. Why not just buy a cup of coffee at Erie Island or a sweet shirt at CLE Clothing Co. and get your parking for such a great price? parking
  3. Other Garages: Okay, during a sporting event garage prices can be craaazy expensive. (cough cough…take the train). But during any other time, they’re not that bad. Here is a list of all the garages in the district. We’ve parked in the 645 Prospect Garage before. It’s well lit, not that expensive, and close to all the action.

A few more little tips: First, avoid Euclid Ave. Public Square is under construction for a while, so Euclid ends in a terrible traffic jam in the square. Second, be careful how close you parallel park. If you squeeze into a spot that is too small, your bumper might get used a bit.

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable with the parking in the Gateway District. Now you can come hang out and we’ll go grab some coffee and chat about life.

Have a fabulous day!




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