City Living: Enjoying local green space

CLEcitygrandparents There is something magical about blades of green grass under your bare feet or laying out on a sandy beach soaking up the warm sun. Sometimes when you live in an urban environment you forget how refreshing it is to spend time in nature.

I remember last year we were living car-free in Cleveland and spent the majority of our time in areas connected to public transportation. We enjoyed Little Italy, Ohio City, Shaker Square, and the new Uptown area. One day we were invited to take a trip out to the wineries in Geneva, Ohio. What a refreshing time to see vineyards, beautiful fields, and old, sturdy trees. It was that trip that reminded me of my love for nature and the importance of stepping away from our concrete world for a little bit.

But I love living in the city and want the best of both worlds. Thankfully, we have a terrific park system in Northeast Ohio. The Cleveland Metroparks, or the “Emerald Necklace,” provides much needed natural beauty to the area. We live in the heart of the city, but can access trails, a beach, and parks in 7 minutes or less!

This past weekend I spent time at Edgewater Park. I can see myself teaching my little girl how to ride her bike there or how to fly a kite. I’ve also spent many evenings pre-baby strolling along the paths here talking and enjoying life with my husband. I am so thankful for access to beautiful natural spaces so close to home.

The City of Cleveland has also created a document outlining the city’s parks and can be found HERE. The PDF on this web page is a great resource to find out where the parks are located, which ones have playgrounds, and other amenities offered. Did you know there is a great playground in Little Italy? Grab a cannoli at Presti’s and walk across the street and play with your little ones. It’ll be awesome!

In other news, we bought Baby Girl the most ridiculous sunglasses for her time outdoors. I can’t stop laughing when I put them on her. fun in the sun

I hope you are able to enjoy some of the awesome parks in Northeast Ohio. If you really have the urge to hike and feel totally emerged in nature, there is also the Cuyahoga Valley National Park around 30 minutes from downtown.




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