Our trick for “keeping it all together”

Do you ever go to the doctor and they ask you something like, “How often does this happen? When was the last time…?” If you’re like me you draw a blank every time.

Even before you leave the hospital with your baby you get a checklist of things your baby should be doing each day as well as developmental milestones. There’s a lot to keep track of. Did my baby pee 6 times today? How many hours ago did she eat? How long did she sleep today? How old was she when she first smiled? Did I give her Vitamin D today?

Or how about when you go out for a date and leave the baby with your sitter. Wouldn’t it be great to know if your baby was sleeping or had her diaper changed?

A few days after we brought Baby Girl home we started using the Baby Connect App to help keep her life in order. We LOVE this app. It keeps track of everything baby and can sync to multiple devices.

Homepage Baby Connect App

I’ve taken screen shots on my phone of most of the things we track. There are still a few functions we haven’t used yet, so I encourage you to check out their website for a full product description. The shot above is the Homepage. It tells you how long it’s been since you nursed or bottle fed, how long since she’s slept, when you changed her diaper, and lists the recent entries.

Poop and Pee Tracker

This next shot is how you enter the diaper changes. I still think it’s hilarious how my husband and I never talked about poop and now it’s a part of our daily conversation. At my parent’s house poop comes up at the dinner table regularly. Does your family do that, or is it just me? Instead of thinking that was gross, now my husband is in on the conversation! He even has a running joke with my brother about using a bidet! (We don’t, in case you were wondering.)

Medical tracker

The Medical feature is really nice, too. We just had BG’s 2 month visit. You know what that means? SHOTS! Okay, I seriously almost lost it seeing her get her vaccinations. Anyway, we were able to input what shots she got and when. We’ve also put in her weight, height, and head measurements from each checkup. You can see on the shot below that there is a graph function that takes that data and charts what percentile your kid is in. Pretty cool, right?

Growth chart tracker

I also like being able to track the nursing. Other than making sure you’re nursing both sides evenly, you also know how many times a day your baby is nursing. This is helpful as the baby grows and starts dropping night feedings. It’s also great in the beginning when it’s important to nurse every 2-3 hours.

Nursing Tracker

Next up is tracking those special milestones. How awesome is that! You can also type in your own milestones to the list, like, “baby stopped spitting up all over me after every meal!”

Milestone tracker

And now for my all time favorite feature- the Overall screen. I love saying to someone, “Want to guess how many diapers we’ve changed since BG was born? 300? Sorry, higher. 400? Getting closer!….how about 561!!”


So as you can tell, I love this app. I have absolutely no affiliation with this product, but would highly recommend it to anyone who has a baby. Totally worth the $5 per device.

So now that you know my secret for keeping it together, how do you “keep it all together”?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. If you live in CLE, enjoy the sunshine!




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