5 Things to do with your newborn


Having a new baby added to the family has been one of the biggest life changing events I’ve ever experienced. I grew up hearing the Johnson and Johnson commercials, “Having a baby changes everything.” I don’t think it hit me until I actually had the baby.

During the first month of Baby Girl’s life she pretty much just ate, slept, and produced dirty diapers. Unfortunately, the sleeping occurred mainly during the day. Little Miss Party came alive at 9pm and didn’t retire to bed until about 3am. Apparently it takes babies a little while to figure out the difference between night and day. Thankfully that only lasted a few weeks.

As I woke up groggy and thankful for my husband’s help (he would take the first “shift” and stay up with her for a few hours so I could sleep…sooo thankful for him) I had to decide what my day would look like. I would have to say that waking up to your baby’s smile or cute little faces reminds you that it’s all worth it.

5 things helped me get through the first month and were fun for the baby:

  1. Walks. As soon as the CLE weather was warm enough to take Baby Girl out, I popped her into the Moby or Ergo and headed out. This was great for two reasons. First, it got me out of the house and exercising. Second, it put the baby to sleep after she started sleeping mainly at night. I know that it’s better to put your baby to sleep in the crib so that you start creating good sleep habits, but when I couldn’t get her to nap during the day, this was helpful to prevent an overly tired baby.
  2. Sing and make up songs for specific activities. Singing to your baby can be soothing and is another way to interact and show love to your little one. I remember one morning coming into the living room seeing my husband rocking BG and singing “A Whole New World” to her. It was precious. We also made up little songs for a few activities. Every time we changed her diaper we sang, “let’s change baby’s diaper, let’s change baby’s diaper!” I think this helps create familiarity around events/routines. Plus you sound like a goofball.face time
  3. Face time. Babies learn so much and are easily entertained by looking at your face. We took time throughout the day and during feedings to look her in the eye and talk to her. This helps with language development as well. It gets especially fun when the social smile develops and they start making adorable smiles at you. Ohhh babies, stealing our hearts one look at a time.
  4. Write. Do you wish you could read about your mom’s pregnancy or your birth story? By the time you are old enough to hear it passed down verbally you are probably not getting all the details. One thing I did was write a few electronic letters to BG. I started a private WordPress blog to write entries to my baby. You could also use Google Drive or just a simple notebook and pen. Either way, I love that one day I’ll be able to let her read all about how I had low blood pressure when I was pregnant and passed out at the Run River North concert, or how I started craving meat and hating vegetables during pregnancy (bad luck for a vegan!), or how my first thought when she came out was, “oh my gosh, she’s a human!” I hope that becomes a special gift to her. take pictures
  5. Photograph. How cute are sleeping babies? I mean, seriously! While they are sleeping the day away, why not capture their cuteness on camera. I’m guessing your phone has a pretty good camera even if you don’t have an actual camera. I also love the idea of taking a picture of your baby every day for a year. I heard about this art display that lined up the 365 pictures in chronological order. I bet that was amazing!

What else? Do you have a fun activity you do or did with your newborn? Any tips for fun things to do with a 2 month old?

Have a great Monday!




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