City Fail: The Wonder Wash


This is going to be brilliant and save us tons of money! Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Our one bedroom apartment does not have in-suite laundry. Thankfully, we just have to go up two floors for the building’s laundry room. But if you use a laundromat, you know that doing laundry can add up. So we had the great idea of trying out the Wonder Wash.

In theory, the Wonder Wash is great. If you aren’t familiar with this product, it is basically a hand-crank washing machine. It leaves clothes clean and doesn’t take that much time. It really isn’t that difficult to use either (plus you get the added bonus of burning a few extra calories).

If you buy the Wonder Wash, you will probably want to buy some sort of dryer and drying rack. We bought the Nina Soft dryer. Again, everything works great and does what it is made to do. Clothes are left damp and the drying rack finishes the job.

Here’s the problem…space.

By nature you have to do laundry with the Wonder Wash pretty regularly, as it only holds a few pairs of clothes. So, you’re going to constantly be having clothes on your drying rack. This would be fine if you had a laundry room or second bedroom. Unfortunately, we don’t. Clothes end up drying in our living room on the rack all the time. Also, we have to leave the washer out to air dry.

We used this system a handful of times and then retired it to the closet. So now I call this a City Fail 😉 Who wants to have clothes out all the time? We’ve been asked if we like using the whole system and my response would be this: If you have the space out of your main living area to store clothes and the equipment, go for it! If you don’t, you’ll probably just get annoyed at how much laundry is lying around.

Oh, and if you want to buy our system, it’s all yours! Maybe one day when we have the space we’ll try it again. For now, we’ll be headed upstairs.



2 thoughts on “City Fail: The Wonder Wash

  1. Oh man, this sounds like a nightmare in an apartment!!!! Good for you for trying it out 😉 Hugo sometimes goes through 3 outfits a day, so the constant washing and drying clothes lying around would drive me insane. This IS a cool solution for a rustic cabin or something though… then you could have a drying line outside. Mental note for my future solar powered hut in the Florida wilderness 😉


    • Baby girl and Hugo have a lot in common. She goes through 2-3 outfits a day too! I totally agree about having a clothes line. Having the clothes drying in the living room all the time was not fun. I hope you get that wilderness home- we’ll come visit! 😉

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