Newborn Must Haves: a minimalist approach to a registry


Do you ever feel like you are running out of storage space? We totally purged our possessions before Baby Girl came. Even after all the donating and reorganizing I still feel like we have way too much stuff. Knowing that we would be living in a one bedroom apartment for at least the first 6 months of BG’s life we tried to minimize the amount of baby stuff we got. We also went for quality products that may cost more at times, but we knew they would last or be better for her health (i.e. less plastic).

So I put together a list of what I have found helpful over the first two months of Baby Girl’s life. Hopefully this will be helpful for¬†mommies to be ūüėČ


  • HALO SleepSack Swaddle. This was a total must have. BG was born in February, so we got the fleece sack. These are awesome because they help us “swaddling impaired” parents with Velcro swaddle wings. I would recommend 2-3 in the event of laundry or those lovely “baby just peed everywhere” moments.
  • Sleep and Plays with snaps. Zippers sound appealing, but they are not. Snaps are great because you can keep baby’s chest warm while you change her diaper. I would recommend 5-6 of these because of spit up and other leeks.
  • Season appropriate onesies. For me, I like using the long sleeve onesies right now since it’s still cold. These are my staple daily top for baby, so I’d recommend 5-6 cute ones.
  • Pants. I don’t know about your baby, but my little girl goes through about 12-13 diapers a day. She’s a pee and poop machine. The thought of tights and dresses in the first month sounded daunting to my sleep deprived self. I¬†would recommend 5-6 pants.
  • And last but not least socks. Those cute little baby socks didn’t really stay on BG’s feet. The best thing we’ve found are these Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie*. They are the amazing.


  • Bassinet. We used this one* and it has worked out great.
  • Travel bassinet. Holy cow- Baby Girl LOVES her travel bassinet. This is great to take to the parent’s or in-laws house. We just leave it up in our living room and BG has a blast laying in it.
  • We also bought a BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light¬†*¬†for when she outgrows the bassinet.

That is honestly it for the furniture. I’m sure a swing would have been nice, but we ended up being okay without it.

Bath, Nursing, and Health:

  • Washcloths, towels, shampoo/body wash. We got Sweet Baby Shampoo Body Wash. It smells amazing and is better for baby’s skin than leading brands. After her umbilical cord fell out we started using this bathtub.
  • Nursing pads. It happens.
  • Nursing cover. No one wants to see that.
  • Nursing Bras. Definitely! And bring a few to the hospital.
  • Mother Love cream. Trust me and every nursing mother in the world. You’ll want something like this.
  • A thermometer, pain reliever/fever reducer. Just in case.
  • Vitamin D drops. Apparently breast milk doesn’t have vitamin D in it.
  • Burp rags. Get a million. I’m not kidding. Okay, but seriously, get like 20. My kid spits up like a boss.
  • Pacifier. (For everyone’s mental health) We waited about 3 weeks for BG to get comfortable breastfeeding before introducing the pacifier. I know every kid is different, but she liked this one. We chose it because it is rubber instead of plastic. The less plastic she’s sucking on the better.


  • Carrier. We have a Moby Wrap and an Ergo with the Infant Insert. These are great for walks in the city when you don’t want to worry about a stroller.
  • Stroller. I don’t really have a recommendation for one. We like ours, but I’m not in love with this. I’d just look for a highly rated one on Amazon.
  • Car seat. We opted for the Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx*. Here’s the thing. It’s great because it will last until the baby is 65 lbs. However, it stays in the car. We also had to buy the infant positioning pillow. That is a must. Baby Girl did not look happy in the seat without it. However, you might want to get a car seat that pops out of the car. It will probably only last a year, but it’s convenient for carting the baby around. Your call.


  • Diapers. We really wanted to do cloth diapers after doing a lot of research about benefits for baby and the environment. However, we don’t have laundry in our apartment and the diaper service we were considering didn’t have a great option for picking diapers up outside of our apartment. So we opted for the most eco-friendly, least chemically disposables we could find. We landed on Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers*. They seem very absorbent as well. A runner up would be Earth’s Best.
  • Diaper bag. We decided on a gender neutral one so my husband doesn’t look ridiculous walking around downtown.
  • Wipes. The 7th Generation wipes are my favorite. They have a nice opening and come out of the packaging really well. They also are not full of chemicals like other wipes can be.
  • Butt Cream. Let’s keep baby’s butt nice.
  • Changing table¬†pad and covers. We just set up the changing table pad on top of an old desk instead of buying a table. It works great and saved money. We also bought a cover and these lap pads. They are so handy (I have 3) so that I can toss it in the laundry when she pees all over and just pop down another one on top of the changing pad.

These are the products that we love and use all the time. If you are building a registry, here are a few more things to think about. BG isn’t old enough for them yet, but we did register for them.

  1. Bumbo Seat
  2. Bouncer
  3. High chair (or get a high chair that attaches to the table to save space)
  4. Bigger sized clothes

{*asterisk denotes affiliate link*}

If you have a newborn, what have you found helpful? If you are expecting, congratulations and get some sleep! I thought it was hard to sleep the last few weeks of being pregnant. My hips hurt and I basically slept sitting up. But then BG came and I realized what real sleep deprivation looked like. Thankfully she figured out the difference between night and day after a few weeks.




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