DIY Friday: Baby Headbands

DIY baby headbands

Living in the city poses different costs than living in the suburbs. For example, rent might be a little bit higher per square foot. However, you could either minimally use your car, or even go “car-free” and reduce or remove the costs of gas, oil changes, or repairs due to the city being much more walkable.

Whether you live in the city or the burbs, I think it is safe to say that many of us like to save money. One way that I like to save money is with DIY projects. DIY projects also serve as a stress reliever and creative rejuvenation for me.

When Baby Girl was born she had a lot of hair on her head. After a few weeks it started to fall out! I know this is totally normal for babies, but I decided that headbands might help distract from the old man hairline. So of course, I jumped on Pinterest and found a few tutorials on how to make my own headbands. One idea that I thought was brilliant was to use the waistband of baby pants as the headband and attach a flower to it. I had a few pairs of pants that didn’t fit her well, so I tried it out.

The headband pictured above was made from newborn sized baby pants. The headband piece was from one pair of pants. The flower was made from another pair. The tutorial for the flower can be found on the Little Red Wagon Photography blog.


Pictured above: I tried out the flower tutorial with ribbon. It ended up a little gluey but not too bad. The band was made from elastic that was cut to the size of BG’s head and then hot glued together. (I hid the seam under the flower)IMG_20150416_123102846

This last headband was made by re-purposing an old headband I had. I took the flower and glued it onto elastic that fit BG’s head.

So yay- it’s Friday, we’re saving money, and my child will not be mistaken for an old man. Phew.

Have you made any fun baby headbands? Feel free to comment with your DIY ideas below!


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