Density and Walks

Every year I think about how relative 50 degrees feels. Right now it feels like heaven. As autumn comes to an end 50 degrees feels cold and uninviting.

Now that 50 degrees seems like it’s here to stay, I am enjoying going for walks with Baby Girl in the Moby Wrap or Ergo. We walk all over the place- Playhouse Square, the lakefront, by the stadiums, the Mall, Tower City, the Arcades. There are so many places to walk to and options for walks during bad weather. I just have to remember not to take my wallet so I’m not tempted to buy something every time I go out….so many great places to stop for coffee or food.

density and walking

One thing that surprises people is when I tell them how safe I feel walking around downtown. For me, it comes down to density. Sure, I get asked for money at times or walk by some shady characters, but at the times I am going for a walk, the people that do that make up a small amount of the population.

I used to go for runs by myself at the Polo Fields out on the East Side. There are beautiful trails to run through. It’s a great place to visit. But every time I would run I thought, “If something happened to me, who would hear or see it?” There were very few people near me. As I walk around downtown or in the city in general there are so many eyes and ears on me and the baby.

Also, there are a lot of police on foot, bike, and horse. We also have Downtown Cleveland Alliance workers who are present and committed to promoting safety.

Sure, a lot of people can mean that there are some crazies in the bunch, but there are also a lot of people that have your back and would jump in to help if needed. I would say this though- don’t be stupid. Dark alleys are never a good idea. Walking alone late at night…probably not the best idea.

So whether you live in the city or are just coming in for some fun, I hope you feel safe too.


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