City living: grocery shopping

Accessible grocery shopping is a big deal to a city. Access to fresh food greatly impacts the health and vibrancy of a community. We are so lucky to have options in and close to downtown Cleveland.

The grand opening of Heinen’s Downtown was huge. I was particularly enthused because it opened on my due date and has made postpartum so much easier. We are literally a 5 minute walk away from an amazing store. We get asked a lot about parking. We don’t drive to get our groceries. We walk and get what we need for a few days. It works out well.11021268_595113451623_3163653999692694934_n

Before Heinen’s we shopped at Dave’s in Ohio City and the West Side Market. We still do a good amount of shopping at the WSM. The produce is a bit cheaper than Heinen’s and we like supporting small local businesses. We’ve shopped at the market a few times a week for the past few years and have a few favorite vendors.


Our last main shopping source is My husband is the Amazon guru. We buy everything from diapers, to diced tomatoes, to granola bars on Amazon. There are great ways to save, too. Amazon offers deals through Subscribe and Save, becoming an Amazon Mom, and coupons. We follow a website called that posts a ton of deals. I feel bad for our mail delivery people sometimes…yes, that is a box with a 15 lb bag of rice in it.

I would also like to add that I love going to Gallucci’s and Park-to-Shop. Gallucci’s has a fantastic section with spices that are inexpensive. Park-to-Shop has excellent produce and Asian food.

Okay, it’s 66 and sunny. I’ve got to get outside!

Happy Monday!


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